My Fellow Louisianians, 


We are mothers, sons, students, teachers, farmers, business owners, millennials, and elderly alike. We are advocates of a new vision of what is possible - a Louisiana that affords everyone the opportunity to thrive. Fair share of taxes, living wages, and investments in public education are just a few of the issues we fight for daily.


We are loyal to a belief in equality and opportunity for all. With our collective voices, we help advance and draw attention to state-level policy. Partisan political theater is devastating and contributes very little to Louisiana's ability to compete to be the best on national and international levels.


Below are some of the core understandings of what our organization represents. We welcome you to join us in our fight.


MISSION: The Louisiana Institute of Public Policy (LIPP) strives to educate and mobilize members in support of progressive state-level policies that move ALL communities forward.


VALUES: 1) Knowledge - providing objective facts and information; 2) Respect - freedom of expression supported by respectful dialogue; 3) Democracy - citizen participation in the electoral process; and 4) Diversity - equality and opportunity for all. 


Yours in Service,


Vonzelle (Von) Johnson

Chairman of the Board of Directors